About Us


KamiKat is a stationery shop specializing in kawaii kat stickers and illustrations, your first stop for all your kawaii kat needs! The name KamiKat is a portmanteau made up of the Japanese word kami (紙), meaning paper, and the deliberately misspelled word 'cat'.

KamiKat is influence by Japanese pop culture, mascots and kawaii, and fueled by a love for cats! We has future plans of offering a range of products including apparel, collector vinyl toys, keychains, coloring books and more!

Thanks for checking out & supporting our work!

  • Miyagi

    Position: Supervisor/Manager

    Duties: Uses a paw-on approach to inspect the artist's work and notes ensuring that it's done in an untimely manner.

    Hobbies: Being a foodie and having nap-time

  • Moku

    Position: Administrative Assistant

    Duties: Maintains artist's calendar scheduling daily pets and walks.

    Hobbies: Walks on the treadmill and outside strolls on his leash

  • Zo

    Position: Artist

    Duties: All of the rest of the work for KamiKat, as well as being in charge of cat feeding, grooming, cuddling, entertaining and litter-box scooping.

    Hobbies: Traveling, learning about different cultures, cooking and anime